Real Sak Yant T-Shirts

Sak Yant T-Shirts with real Thai Tattoo Designs

Sak Yant Chiang Mai is proud to provide for the first time online Real Thai tattoo designs and magical script available as Sak Yant T-shirts

1) Each Sak Yant T-Shirt is designed by Real Sak Yant Masters

2) For the First time ever online the Real Magical scripts on Sak Yant T-shirts

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Sak Yant T-Shirt
Wear your Sak Yant on the Outside

Traditional Thai Tattoo T-Shirts

The Sak Yant T-Shirt should represent the spiritual and magical representation of a desire/intention or specific purpose that is magically charged by the Sak Yant Master.  Sadly almost all Sak Yant designs available online are incorrect. Even worse those selling Sak Yant T-shirts are sourcing their designs from these incorrect designs.


But not anymore!


Sak Yant Chiang Mai is please and proud to be the first Sak Yant T-Shirt provider to provide the real Thai Tattoo design and magical blessing on a T-Shirt.  Now you can wear a genuine Sak Yant Design on the OUTSIDE with the beautiful Traditional Thai Tattoo and magical Khata scripts.


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Sak Yant Chiang Mai is Thailand’s leading Sak Yant provider – Over 10 Independent Sak Yant Masters working in Hygienic and comfortable Samnaks