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Sak Yant Chiang Mai Reviews and Customer Videos

Sak Yant Chiang Mai Customer Reviews and Videos

Find out why Sak Yant Chiang Mai has become the highest rated and most trusted Sak Yant Provider in Thailand. Sak Yant Reviews and Customer Videos of their Sak Yant Experience

Sak Yant Chiang Mai Reviews

While the Sak Yant Experience is a private and personal matter that not many people want to write reviews about – we have slowly collected thousands of Sak Yant Reviews from various social media sites and Videos from customers Blogs and YouTube.

Sak Yant Chiang Mai was established in 2017, as a single guide taking people out to Sak Yant Temples on the back of a motorcycle to receive a Sak Yant Tattoo.  Within a very short time, Sak Yant Chiang Mai changed from a single guide to a Co-op representing over 12 local Sak Yant Masters, and became Thailand’s leading Sak Yant provider.  For a full history of our beginnings as a solo tour guide to an establishment Sak Yant Monks trusted to represent them you can read About Sak Yant Chiang Mai.

Sak Yant Chiang Mai the Real Deal - Real Sak Yant Information

Sak Yant Chiang Mai Real or Fake
Is Sak Yant Chiang Mai Real? Seems too good to be True but it is!!

At Sak Yant Chiang Mai we have provided our FAQ with common questions and Answers to help provide real information about the Sak Yant.  We have created an Information article to help clear up Myths and Mis-information created by people writing about their Sak Yant Experience online and getting things wrong.

A growing aspect contributing to the online confusion is the number of Tattoo Shops who hope to trick the non aware tourists with Fake Sak Yants.  Some Tattoo shops now also advertise on Google providing information about real Sak Yants on their websites, and in the small print say they provide their ‘modern interpretation’ of a Sak Yant. We try to clear up Why you don’t get a Sak Yant from a Tattoo Artist as well.

All this mass amount of information can leave a person researching information about a Sak Yant to ask themselves ‘Is Sak Yant Chiang Mai Real? – Or just another place providing Fake Sak Yants?”  We of course can say Sak Yant Chiang Mai provides Authentic Sak Yants, but showing what our customers think might as help.  So here is a quick access to Sak Yant Chiang Mai Reviews and Customer Videos.

Sak Yant Chiang Mai Reviews

One of the best ways to determine if Sak Yant Chiang Mai is right for you is to read Sak Yant Chiang Mai’s reviews and watch customer videos.  We do not offer commission for bloggers or vlogger’s to write about us (The Monks don’t want us to dilute the authenticity of the experience); so you will not find any affiliate links in any of our reviews.  

Perhaps the most amazing testimonial for our service is the growing number of returning guests.  We are a tourist operation, serving tourists – who actually have to come back to Thailand to see us again.  And they do!!!!

Sak Yant Chiang Mai Reviews - 80% say the Best Experience they had in Thailand - Many in their life!
Jeremy Gleeson
Jeremy Gleeson
I hadn’t planned anything when I came to Thailand as far as a tattoo but I knew I wanted one. When I found the shop it was closed so I came back the next day and the staff were immediately super friendly and very helpful. I wasn’t going to have time to book a full temple visit as they were booked out till after I left but the master said he would be able to do the design after hours. When I came back for the appointment they were so hospitable and engaging. They were wonderful throughout the whole process, they would translate to me when having conversations in Thai, in general the whole thing was an amazing experience. I will definitely be coming back the next time I make it to Thailand. 12/10 would recommend.
nicolas audet
nicolas audet
Amazing experience ans staff ! If you want to live the real thing and not just getting a cheap tattoo in thailand, that's the place to go.
Sophie Struthers
Sophie Struthers
One of the best experiences of my life! everything was very clear and explained well, very welcoming staff who made me feel comfortable and cared for the entire time. I will definitely be back the next time I am in Chiang Mai <3
Kees Elling
Kees Elling
The best and real Sak Yany tattoo in the city, everywhere else is fake.
Felix Allen
Felix Allen
I got my first Sak Yant done here and had a great experience. I received the Gao Yord design by Ajarn Beer, who was extremely quick and produced a great looking tattoo which I am very happy with.
Miriam Lam
Miriam Lam
Absolutely amazing experience getting Sak Yant tattoo here. They were able to accommodate and squeeze me in last minute into my boyfriend’s booked appointment when I decided I also wanted one :) The ajarn was very talented and the staff was so friendly and helpful throughout the process. Such an unforgettable experience. Highly recommend!
Dylan Dauvois Gil
Dylan Dauvois Gil
Merci à vous 😊
Thai tattoo Bamboo Tattoo
It says alot about the personal transformation of the Experience with Sak Yant Chiang Mai, when when our customers choose to come back to Thailand to see us again
Best Sak Yant in Thailand
It says alot about the personal transformation of the Experience with Sak Yant Chiang Mai, when when our customers choose to come back to Thailand to see us again

Sak Yant Chiang Mai Customer Videos

It is very easy for us at Sak Yant Chiang Mai, to say we offer an amazing service.  For those who have read our reviews you will notice very often people will say something like “Best experience of my life” or “Best thing I did in Thailand”.  For those who don’t scroll through the 600 odd 5 star reviews, we have decided to show our guests YouTube Sak Yant Videos on their experience.  Here you can gleam a look at a typical experience that you can expect and hear from our past guests what they thought of the Sak Yant Adventure with Sak Yant Chiang Mai…….

Our Video explaining the Sak Yant and details of the different types of services you can have at Sak Yant Chiang Mai 

What to expect when getting a Sak Yant Tattoo at Sak Yant Chiang Mai

Sak Yant Tattoo Experience at Sak Yant Chiang Mai | Ajarn Sam Thailand เชียงใหม่ 🇹🇭

Traditional Sak Yant tattoo by a monk in Thailand from Sak Yant Chiang Mai Buddhist Monk

알군티비RKUNTV  Korean Travel Bloggers

[태국문화 리포트] 태국 전통타투문화 싹얀을 엿보다

Getting a Sak Yant Tattoo! at Sak Yant Chiang Mai, Thailand with Sak Yant Master Sam

In this video I have an incredibly unique tattoo experience in Thailand at Sak Yant Chiang Mai with Ajarn Dang

Sak Yant Chiang Mai, Bamboo Tattoo Experience with GoPro Hero 5 with Ajarn Amnat

Getting a Sak Yant Tattoo by a Buddhist Monk in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Sak Yant Chiang Mai

Getting a Sak Yant Tattoo in Chiang Mai by Ajarn K at Sak Yant Chiang Mai

Buddhist Monk Blessing?!? 🇹🇭🙏 Sak Yant Tattoo In Chiang Mai, Thailand!
After few months of researching about sak yant tattoo, finally had it in one of the places that does it safe and authentic. I am not sponsored nor working under them. I just searched and read so much about sak yant online and I always landed on their informative website.
On one of our daily motorbike rides through Old City Chiang Mai Thailand we sped past the Sak Yant Chiang Mai shop and immediately looked it up upon getting home. Great Reviews! Spiritual Experience! This place looked legit. One thousand percent more appropriate a place to get a real and respectful Sak Yant (Sak Yant meaning Thai Mystic Tattoo) done by an actual Monk or Ajarn (Shaman & Retired Monk) with an authentic blessing ceremony, than a street shop in the Islands.

The Sak Yant is a sacred tattoo respected in Thailand and other southeast Asian countries. In this video, I take you guys along with me to get tatted by a monk. Crazy experience!! Hope you guys enjoy the video.

Getting a Sak Yant Tattoo was honestly the most amazing, spiritual, enlightening, and terribly painful experience I have ever had. I decided to get a Sak Yant as I feel as tourists, we can come to another country and never fully connect with the culture, putting myself through this made me realise the mental strength that monks and Buddhists have when putting themselves through physical hardship.

Today we are sharing our amazing experience of getting a traditional bamboo tattoo in Thailand at Sak Yant Chaing Mai. We both had a back tattoo with Sak Yant blessing, performed by Sak Yant Master Ajarn Sek.

The whole experience was incredible and we highly recommend it if you are looking to get a Sak Yant tattoo in Thailand. We were drawn to this shop as we loved the idea of getting a traditional Thai tattoo with meaning, followed by a Thai monk blessing! They also provided lots of information which was helpful as this was our first Sak Yant tattoo.

Welcome to my first YouTube video ever!! Here is a Thailand minivlog of Trey getting a traditional Thai Tattoo by a monk in Chiang Mai! -— leave me comments below on anything else you’d like to know about this experience or our trip in general!
In this video, we’ll share our once-in-a-lifetime experience of receiving a sacred Sak Yant tattoo from an Arjan, a highly respected Sak Yant master in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Our adventure begins by learning about the ancient art of Sak Yant, with its deep roots in Thai culture, spirituality, and tradition. We’ll dive into the fascinating history, sacred meanings, and intricate designs of these powerful tattoos, believed to offer protection, strength, and blessings to those who wear them.
Today we share the history and our experience while receiving a traditional Sak Yant tattoo! We visited Sak Yant Chiang Mai, and was brought over to our Ajarns home to receive our tattoos. This experience is a complete honor to have while being in Thailand, and we are so grateful that something so special is a part of our travel journey.

Getting an authentic Sak Yant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our tattoos and ceremonial experience with Ajarn Sam at Sak Yant Chiang mai

We finally arrive in Chiang mai and we had only a couple hours to get to our Hotel and find the sak yant place. Then the next morning we get our private Tour started. I already uploaded some of the tour videos and the links will be here and at the end of the video.
In this video, I’ll share my experience getting a traditional Sak Yant tattoo from Sak Yant Chiang Mai while shedding light on the prevalence of fake Sak Yant tattoo places across Thailand. We’ll uncover the rich history and cultural significance behind these sacred tattoos, while also navigating through the maze of authenticity. Join me for an adventure filled with knowledge, truth, and the timeless allure of Sak Yant tattoos.

Getting a traditional Sak Yant Tattoo with Ajarn Sam at Sak Yant Chiang Mai | Things to do in Chiang Mai 🇹🇭

I visited Sak Yant Chiang Mai for a traditional stick and poke Sak Yant tattoo. I show the process that was involved including receiving the blessings that come with the tattoo. It was a very unique and interesting experience that I enjoyed a lot!

My friend getting a sak yant tattoo in Thailand with Ajarn Beer at Sak Yant Chiang Mai

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