Book a Sak Yant Tattoo

Get Ready! Your about to book one of the coolest things you can do in Thailand

How to Make a Booking

1) Select your Sak Yant Type
2) Select a free date and time
       (Free days are White, Unavailable days are Grey & Red)
3) Fill in your details
4) Make Payment of 1000 baht booking deposit
5) After Payment you will be receive a Confirmation email; PLEASE read it


  • 1000 Baht is the deposit, for full service prices Click Here
  • Book 24hrs before for Tour bookings (We need to arrange the Masters Time)
  • 1-2 People can do Morning Temple Visit
  • 3 or more people need afternoon as additional time maybe required. (Additional 500 baht per hour after 3 hours)
  • Larger Sak Yant In-House will require more than one booking

Book a Sak Yant Experience

In-House with Ajarns starting 13 June on Mon,Wed,Fri

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Schedule of Sak Yant Masters

In-House Schedule

N.B. On rare occasions Monks have other duties and Ajarn’s take over. Females can get a Sak Yant from Monks with our in-house service

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In-House Sak Yants starting 2022

Room 1

Monday:  Ajarn Sam
Wednesday: Ajarn Beer
Friday: Ajarn Tom

Room 2

Open in High Season

Temple Monk Schedule

N.B.  Monks are not permitted to provide Sak Yant for females on Temple grounds.  If a female is included in the tour it will be to the Monks Samnak (Sak Yant Room) which is not located at a Temple


Click here for Monk Profiles

Tours to Temple Monks at Their Samnak


Rung Monk: Monday-Saturday (Females included)
Rachon Monk:  Mon,Tues, Wed,Thurs, (Males only)
Eak Monk: Tuesday,Friday, Saturday (Males Only)

Terms and Conditions


1) I have read the FAQ
2) I understand the Booking Deposit is not the total and additional costs will be included at time of the Appointment
3) I understand that Donations to Monks on Tour are in addition to the cost of the Tour and depend on Sak Yant Design selection
4) I understand that 3 days notice of cancellation is required for booking refund – The Masters will receive the booking fee as a donation for their time
5) I understand that if I want a larger than standard sized Sak Yant design
          i)  Requires booking an afternoon (rather than Morning Tour)   or  
          ii) Requires 2 In-house appointments back to back


Got Sak Yant Questions?

We have the Answer at our Sak Yant FAQ