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Get an Old School Sak Yant by Forrest Monk Rachon

Sak Yant Master Monk Rachon lives in a rural forrest holy Temple and provides magical Amulets and Sak Yant Phayao District outside of Chiang Rai. For those wanting a very old school experience of travelling to a rural Temple for a sak Yant from a Forrest Monk

Get a Sak Yant Phayao | Chiang Rai

Rachon Monks Tent
The shack with a tent that Monk Rachon has slept in for 1.5 years as he works to build his forrest Temple

Monk Rachon is a very well respected magical Monk who spent the majority of his time at Temples in Chiang Mai.  When he retired he returned to where he grew up to rebuild a neglected Temple and started from scratch to rebuild it.  At this point in time all of the funds he receives go towards improving the temple with dedication so fierce he has spent the first 1.5 years living in a tent in a wooden hut placing all of his efforts into rebuilding and making a place to service the local people of the community.

Monk Rachon is truly dedicated to his mission, as he slowly develops his Temple (Wat Phrathat Cham Muang) using the rocks provided by the mountain for statues and slowly building his facilities as donations come in from the Locals and tourists seeking a Sak Yant

Where to get a Sak Yant Tattoo in Chiang Rai | Phayao

Wat Phrathat Cham Muang Entrance
Wat Phrathat Cham Muang Entrance

Wat Phrathat Cham Muang is located about 60km south of Chiang Rai and 30km north of Phayao in Thailand

Monk Rachon is building his Temple from nothing out of the sides of a hill in rural Thailand.  For those people who enjoy the adventure of enduring the hardships to make the experience all that more meaningful to them – this is the Sak Yant Master for you.

You can enjoy the experience and thrill of finding your own Sak Yant Master, deep in the Thailand countryside and have an old school Sak Yant adventure without the aid of guides or Sak Yant Masters who provide similar services in the heart of various cities around Thailand

Location Map - Forest Monk Sak Yant Wat Phrathat Cham Muang

Wat Phrathat Cham Muang Location

If you can speak Thai call Rachon Monk – 0897361216

If you do not speak Thai Call the Monks sister first to advise them you are coming.   – 0846786278

See first hand how your donation goes directly to the new Temple build

Almost all the time around rural Thailand, Sak Yant Monks are requested to join to provide extra income to the Temple for new buildings.  The Temples rely on the donations given for Sak Yants and Amulets to finance the development of the Temple facilities.

Here, you get the chance and opportunity to not only receive a Sak Yant from the renowned Master Rachon, but to see directly how your donations re used to build a Temple from the very beginnings.

Forrest Sak Yant Monk Rachon Building his Temple
Forrest Monk building Temple

Sak Yant Monk Rachon in Phayao close to Chiang Rai is fully involved in building his Temple when he is skilled and able to do so.  He build the contrete statutes at the Temple entrance himself in his spare time during the course of the day. Taking several Months to complete, this is only the beginning as he intends to crave many items from the rocks the mountain provides.

Forrest Monk Sak Yant
Sak Yant Temple deep in the Forest of Phayao District
Sak Yant Phayao Wat Phrathat Cham Muang Samnak

One of the first buildings to be completed (before his own accommodation and kitchen) was the Sak Yant Samank.  Here Sak Yant Master Rachon is able to provide an authentic Sak Yant Experience and you get to see how your donations go directly into the funding of Temple buildings and decor.  Monk Rachon is dedicated to doing as much of the work himself and often his body show signs of the physical labor.


Sak Yant Chiang Rai Master Rachon

Best Place to get a Sak Yant in Chiang Rai? Contacting Monk Rachon

If you speak Thai

You can contact Sak Yant Monk Rachon directly at 0897361216 to let him know you intend to come and visit

If you do not speak Thai

You can contact Sak Yant Monk Rachon, sister who has some English abilities so that she can let him know of your intended visit at 0846786278

Things you will need to Know before getting a Sak Yant from master Rachon

You will first need to know and understand the Sak Yant Rules

You will need to understand the Etiquette for visiting a Buddhist Temple.  You can watch a Youtube Video on how to preform the Wai when visiting a Monk.


Want to Get a Sak Yant?

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